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Traditional v/s Digital Marketing

First of all, to choose between traditional or digital marketing, one should be decide the budget and customer base or target audience groups that they want to cover. To run a business properly, there must be a marketing strategy for their products or services to reach a particular target or take lead on the targeted audience.

Before we start, you should know that what traditional marketing stands for?

Traditional Marketing is the type of marketing or promotion in which companies used it in the early period to market their products and services by using various mediums like magazines, newspapers, TV, etc. 

Traditional Marketing works on 4P’s strategy: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Using these 4P’s, a business can reach their targets and reach to their customers or audiences and earn profits. 

i) Product: It is described how you know well your product. It includes functionality, brand, packaging, and services.

ii) Price: The overall cost of a product depends on how well you know it. It includes list price, discounts, bundling, credit terms, etc.

iii) Place: It includes the channel, inventory, logistics, and distribution of the products.

iv) Promotion: Anything or any method that helps you to promote your business or services is laid under the promotion.

Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing:

  •  The main reason to use Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing is that nowadays, the Internet is becoming one of the most used tools for business and for everything.
  • In some cases, Traditional Marketing is more costly than Digital Marketing. The biggest disadvantage of traditional marketing is that traditional marketing is static which means there is no way to interact with the audience
  • While using Traditional Marketing, you have to wait for weeks, months, or longer to find any result. While Digital Marketing gives fast results than Traditional Marketing.
  • Traditional Marketing can’t reach the entire world with its ads on television or newspaper but Digital Marketing can reach the entire world.
  • Digital Marketing is the most cost-reducing marketing technique than Traditional Marketing.
  • In Traditional Marketing, you can’t interact with your target audience. You have to wait for their response. While in Digital Marketing, you can interact with your real-time audience with live chats, comments, etc. You can explain your brand/product online to your audience.

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