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Some aspects of Network Marketing

In my last blog, I describe the meaning of Network Marketing and the working of Network Marketing. Today, we’ll discuss some aspects of Network Marketing like Pros/Cons, Special Consideration, etc of Network Marketing. 

Special Consideration should be kept in the mind when going with a Network Marketing company:

  1. What is the track record of the company’s founder?
  2. Are you personally have an interest in the products or services?
  3. Is the product being promoted effectively?
  4. Are people you know who have an interest in the products?
  5. How old the company is?
  6. Company’s excellent products or services
  7. The pay plan.
  8. The integrity of the company and the management
  9. Momentum and timing
  10. Support, training and business system

Pros and Cons of Network Marketing:

Pros of Network Marketing:

  • There is no need for one-to-one communication with the customers or between the seller and buyer.
  • Distribution Network grows continuously.
  • Because of their distributive marketing, companies do not need to advertise their goods.
  • Distributors or suppliers can earn more income from their deals with the customers or in the term of commission.

Cons of Network Marketing:

  • Network Marketing takes time to grow.
  • There are lots of market scams on the name of Network Marketing.
  • In some cases, one-to-one interaction also needs to happen.

10 topmost Indian Companies which grow in Network Marketing:

  1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Amway India
  3. Herballife
  4. Forever Living
  5. Modicare
  6. RCM
  7. Vestige
  8. Oriflame
  9. Avon
  10. Future Maker

We will discuss the scope of Network Marketing in India in my next blog. 

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