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Self use is the key to success in Network Marketing

Hello readers, today I’m going to tell you about a company which is the most growing company in the Network Marketing (MLM) sector. Modicare is a brand name of Network Marketing. It was founded in 1973.
I’m here to tell you about “Self-use is the key to success in network marketing” which was a session by Dr. Surekha Bhargava, Global Black Diamond Director at Modicare Ltd. According to her, Network Marketing does two promises from his customers or salespeople:
i) Service at your doorstep
ii) Bring happiness and success in your life
There are three keys to network marketing:
Key1: Self-use of products
Key2: Share products
Key3: Share your visions, views, and opinions to other
In short, Share your opportunities with others also.
A salesperson should do some commitments from himself. Five important commitments of a salesperson:
I am the owner
I am my best customer
I am a 100% user of my products
I am the best product of the product
I am the best brand ambassador for my company
There are two principles of network marketing:
i) Clarity creates influence
ii) Action creates winner

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