Meaning of a Relationship

Relationship, A beautiful word in which two pure souls make fall in with each other. They make each other complete, share everything, and learn each other to see the world with another perspective. As everyone has a different perspective about love relations, but for me, it is a feeling in which we become very special to someone and being special for someone is a very spectacular feeling.
To have trust in one another is very important for a relationship. According to me, There are four main pillars of any relationship, they are – Trust, Time, Respect, and Love. Of course Love, no relationship can go on without love. In a love relationship, we need attention, care, love and time of another person with whom we fall in love. In this era, there are very few couples in which love is true.
At the end of this blog, I only want to say that if you are in love or a relationship then make sure to provide all happiness and things that your partner deserves. In a relationship, happiness matters a lot. Small joys together make a big world of happiness. It is said that Happiness is a piece of cake.😊

2 thoughts on “Meaning of a Relationship

  1. Very true…but in the current scenario, people are taking the relationships as their time pass, only to show in between their gropus that they are committed to someone, to be highlighted among them. Their are very rare who understand the true meaning of relationship.

    1. Absolutely correct Srishti, but there some couples who take relationships very seriously and want their relationship to become stronger and beautiful.

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