Lockdown should be extended or not?

As we all know, COVID-19 is spreading day by day and Our Government is taking various steps to protect our country from COVID-19. Their first step to protecting us from COVID-19 is Lockdown. Today, We will be talking about the lockdown situations in our city Jaipur. On the question of removing lockdown, our Chief minister Ashok Gehlot said that it doesn’t look like lockdown will be removed. He said that we are ready to fight against COVID-19 mentally. On the question of Bhilwara and Jaipur’s situation, the CM Ashok Gehlot said that there is a difference between Bhilwara and Ramganj. There are 15-20 people live in a house in Ramganj. We are following the Bhilwara model in hotspot areas such that curfew, screening, and test, etc.
Central and State Governments should have to focus on various points before removing lockdown. Some points are Discipline of Social Distancing, People’s behavior, and attitude, the situation of hotspot areas and the number of COVID-19 suspects and patients, etc. Looking at the current situation, there are no chances of removing of the lockdown on 3 May 2020. What are your views about lockdown extension or removing? Is lockdown should be extended or not? Please share your views about lockdown in the blog’s comment section.

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