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Develop yourself with leadership

Today, I’m here with my next blog on ‘Leadership Skills’ which is relevant to Personality Development. Before we start, you should know that what is the meaning of a leader or a good leader, and what are the qualities of a good leader? So, here we start. 

Meaning of a Leader:

A person who influence people/group to work for the cumulative achievement by their own will. The leader itself be fully developed, motivated for his work, and a package of motivation for his team and encourage his team to give their input to their best level with supporting them in worst and the best moments.

Qualities of a good leader:

  • Self-control over emotions and a stable mind in every situation
  • Influencing personality
  • Take the appropriate decision as per need of time and condition
  • Have a full vision of success plan
  • Full of motivation

Leadership Style:

Leadership is the capability to influence a group for the achievement of specific goals with enthusiasm. Being a leader he should encourage his team, motivate them, and build up more confidence among them by appreciating them for their work. As humans by nature work more willingly with appreciation rather than by obligations with punishments.

Therefore, a leader must have a pleasant personality and he should be polite and cooperative with his team. He should not only think about the plans and conditions in his perspective but also with the perspective of his team. A leader must be disciplined and show respect towards his work and team so, his team also respects the work they are doing and work with a positive attitude. 

Despite discipline, the leader should also be friendly sometimes with their team and guide them. A leader must give credit to the team for success to raise their morals and confidence and take responsibility for failure on himself.

“The best leadership style is tackling the situations with ease”

Dr. Neha Kumawat
MD Scholar
NIA, Jaipur

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  1. Thank you for sharing this topic about leadership qualities.This is going to help me at various platforms.

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