COVID-19 affected economy

Today, the whole world is fighting with the pandemic disease “Novel Corona Virus/COVID 19” and the no. of positive cases and mortality rates are increasing day by day. In this situation, every country is trying to overcome this situation and save the life of its people. India is also one of these countries who is facing this situation. Various steps, measures, and precautions are taken up by the Government of India to control the situation. One of the actions is “Lockdown” in the country. But what’s the impact of this Lockdown on the economy?
The Lockdown has impacted directly on the Indian economy. Not only the government sector but also the private sector impacted due to this dangerous disease. According to the facts, 53% of the businesses are affected due to the “COVID 19”. Some sectors are Chemical industries, transportation facilities, automobile industries, pharmaceutical companies, tourism and aviation, stock markets, young startups, agriculture, e-commerce and many more. If we see the second aspect of Lockdown, the citizens of India need to stay in their homes so that they can be safe from this pandemic disease because this is the only way to decrease the number of cases.
In this critical situation, the country is facing a financial crisis also. But the citizens (whether they are celebrities, sportsperson, industrialist, or others) came forward to support the Indian Government by providing the finance, manufacturing the ventilators, providing their lands or building for the treatments, distributing food to the needy ones, and so on. If we follow the instructions of the government, then we can once again create our country economically stable and became an ideal icon for the whole world.

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